Revenue Programs

With such an insane amount of adult affiliate programs with a wide variety of sites to promote we find the best way to look for sites to promote is by niche. That way you can match up your traffic and make the most of it.

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Affiliate Program # Of Sites Rev Share Pay Per Signup Pay Per Click Pay Per Email
Star Babes Bank 3 Y N N N
  BangBros Online 11 N Y N N
  BF Profits 0 Y Y Y N
Star Blazing Bucks 2 Y Y N N
Star Blockbooster Cash 0 Y N N N
  Bondage Bank 1 Y N N N
  Boner Bucks 0 Y N N N
  Bonobo Cash 0 Y N N N
Star Brain Cash 20 Y Y N N
  Braz Bucks 0 Y Y N N
Star British Bucks 1 Y N N N
Star Brothers In Cash 7 Y N N N
  Brutal Bucks 3 N Y N N
Star Bucks Factory 0 Y N N N
  Bucks Portal 0 N Y N N
  Bucks River 0 Y N N N
  Buddy Profits 3 N N N N
  Built To Convert 0 Y N N N
  Bunny Buxxx 0 Y N N N
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