Brute Force Password Protection

No matter how good a password may be, it is still vulnerable to brute force attacks. Brute force is the method of trying different passwords from a file for a given username, until a password is accepted as matching that username. This method can be very effective, as it can allow you access to the account purely by guessing the password. An attack will also slow down your server, and prevent genuine customers from getting through. Some websites are more obvious choices for brute force attacks, and paysites, which obviously contain credit card information and the like, are typically very vulnerable to attack. It therefore makes sense to try and protect yourself from these problems.

There are a number of hosts now that offer a password protection system with their accounts, and third party billing systems will also install a password managing system as part of their installation on their site, and these may be good enough for a beginning site. After a while, however, you may begin to feel vulnerable. Stand-alone systems such as Pennywize may provide a solution to such worries.

These protection systems can be found on the Internet, and many good forum boards contain links to password protection systems. The key is to shop around and try to find one that doesnt put you out of business while its trying to protect you. Some of these password protection systems are specially designed for paysites, and these are definitely the best option.

From simply putting on a system that necessitates typing in a random series of letters to a device that will monitor all failed attempts and block an IIP that repeatedly fails, these programmes are simple but effective.

There are also security solutions that will warn you about violations, and tell you what the exploited IP address is. This is a good system if you are constantly under attack. You may also be able to arrange a program that will send them to a site that investigates hackers, such as a government agency. Of course, you will have to pay extra for that privilege, but it must feel worth it sometimes.

Some of these systems have specific installation requirements, but most of them are designed to take up as little space on your server as possible, since slowing you down is not their intention. Most password protection providers will also have a helpdesk so that they can assist you in installing and running the program.

Check out our listing of companies offering brute force password protection software.

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