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We recently celebrated our third anniversary of moving to the Czech Republic. Which made me think about the last three years and how much my life has changed. This might be of interest to any one running an image site or photographer who’s wondering why the magazines are getting so many great girls.

About four and a half years ago I was working in London as a professional porno magazine photographer. British girls are good and occasionally a foreign student or au pair would turn up hoping to get some work. Life was good, I was earning money photographing naked girls.

Then the phone rang and a girl who spoke very poor English asked to come and see me about doing some modeling work. Without knowing it my life had just changed. Later that afternoon that, pretty 20 year old Czech girl turned up at my studio for a casting.

We thought the relationship was going to be short and sweet, she’d only thought of doing the work to earn enough money to get home. Six weeks later Eva went home to Czech, but in that six weeks we had fallen for each other and she came back to England shortly after.

To cut a long story short, we got married. Most of the English based porno industry came to the conclusion Eva married me for a visa and it was a 50/50 whether she would F**K me into an early grave or run off when the visa came through. Four months after marrying we moved home and the business to the Czech Republic, so much for gossip!!

We had already been making regular trips there, during our first year together. I was on my way to meet Eva’s parents for the first time. Being 27 years Eva’s senior, we thought it was a good idea to get their approval. We also took a set of lights and see if we could find anyone to shoot.

On landing in Prague I was immediately impressed with all the beautiful girls. This was going to be easy and profitable, for $300 a day these girls would do anything, or so we thought. We met an agent in Prague who immediately told us that his girls were a minimum $400 a day and that was for simple open leg, pink. With the quality of the girls on his books they were worth every penny. So we picked ten out for a casting the next day.

On returning there we saw 5 very ordinary girls in his office, none of whom we had picked, so they must be here for someone else. No we were told “These are the girls for you.” It appeared that all the girls we chose were in Germany or Italy, but these girls here are available. None of them were worth shooting, so we left.

Not to be put off we thought some of the beautiful girls we had seen on the street must be interested in earning two months wages for a days work. So Eva asked a shop assistant with no luck, then a waitress in a bar, Lenka. The waitress was interested once she knew it was not for publication in Czech. She came to our hotel we shot two sets and the trip was paid for.

The waitress then introduced us to a photographer who shot weddings and portfolios. Yes he could find us girls, for a fee! He promised that next time we came, he would organize a casting with as many girls as we needed. Two months later we returned with more time, equipment, and money. The casting turned out to be two girls he was charging to shoot a portfolio for. Both wanted to be fashion models and thought posing nude was not for them. This was turning into a nightmare.

That evening we went out with Lenka to a beauty competition, she came second and we thought the girl who came first had slept with the judges. We met lots of “Wanna be” Kate Mosses who all paid money to be in the beauty/modeling competition. Three of them though were very interested in working especially when Lenka told them what fun it had been and no one had found out. So a casting was organized for the next day. Two of the girls were suitable and again the trip was paid for.

We promised ourselves that next time we would be more organized and really hit it. The next time we had the names of the top two agents who were going to get us all the girls and locations we wanted. We had found them on the Internet and approved loads of girls for the next trip. Guess what? Same as last time! All the girls we wanted were working in Germany, Italy or Holland. But we could use ‘these’ girls. So it was back to Lenka and her friends and she came up with the goods again. We assumed we were meeting the wrong agents.

But all the girls we did shoot were tops and sold easily and well. We both thought that by being based here we would find the right agents and get girls without a problem.

Once here we found out that what had happened to us with agents is not unusual. They are only interested in supplying girls to the EU porno video industry or selling the girls the dream of being a Kate Moss, then charging her for everything they can think of.

The porn industry comes here and books 10 girls, no worries what she looks like, so long as she does anal. And the girls who want to be fashion models normally find out they have been taken for a ride, hopefully before their money runs out.

Magazine photographers have a reputation of being very picky and worry about has she been shot by one or twenty photographers. Also once a girl knows she is good enough to work solo, what’s the chance her doing DP with Rocco and his BIGGER mate?

But it soon became clear that if you can convince the girls that no one will find out and they are safe, girls would come. They also bring their friends.  It’s only a matter of walking up to them on the street and saying, “Are you a model?” or so we thought.

With Eva doing it, this system works, but we tried lots of others and found they do not have her winning ways.

After three years we now have our own network of people searching for girls, shop assistants, students, shoppers. In fact any pretty girl will be approached and asked if they want to do some modeling. We did find some honest agents who want to deal with us, but they never send us the number of girls we need.


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