Branding Your Own Eraser/Eliminator

Hello gang, Itchy here again with some more thoughts and ravings :o) Have you ever sold an eraser program for someone like Internet Eraser or Evidence Eliminator, then just couldnt figure out why you werent making the money you thought you should have been? Well youre not alone out there! Theres a lot of others that feel the same as you and me! Theres a term used for this kind of feeling and it echoes loudly down the halls of the net! Like webmasters before me and long after I go away it will ring "I feel like Ive been shaved!" And no matter what you do or say to any one, youll probably never be able prove it! Why? Because the people that do it are sneaky little bastards.

Everyone will tell you they dont do it, and never will. Well you know its the ones that are saying this the loudest that make me stop and think, "well why would they even say that?" Just like in free hosting: "We never redirect your traffic or steal your surfers," But in the same breath they say "Free banner- less hosting! You never have to pay for bandwidth be cause all we do is use your 404 traffic." Well we all know if youre a real webmaster or even a weekend warrior that you check all of your links on your website before you start sending traffic there. So those statements just dont fly with me anymore.

Remember that weight loss show "Stop The Insanity?" The chick kept screaming that to everyone, LOL. Well this is what Itchy is screaming at everyone now!!! --- Quit selling these programs and making others rich off of what should be your moment of glory! You designed the web page that got the surfer to click right?  You worked hard at getting that traffic to come to your website in the first place, right? (We all know that traffic is the king on the net and will always be the king!!) So why do all this work for someone else? I built houses for a company for 10 years before I went into business for myself. All I ever thought about when I finally did start my own business was how dumb I was not to have done it years before that! I made $22.00/hour, the company was billed $45.00! So even after taxes they still made $15.00/hour off of my hard work.

Well the net is no different. You have endless choices in front of you, endless opportunities to be your own boss, to sell your own products. Dont let larger companies discourage you. You will always have the big shots that think they are better than the rest of us just because they were here before us! You know the ones, they say things like "You cant do that!" or "Youll never get a merchant account to sell that!" Well dont ever let someone else crush your dreams and scare you off. You know why they are saying things like that, dont you? Because these companies know they are going to lose affiliates if people like you figure out that they can sell similar products on their own. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying that doing it this way is right for everyone. But even if you think that you have a chance of stepping out on your own, do it!

Sooooooo stop the insanity of working hard for someone else! The time has come to beat them at the same game they play! Sell the same program as the big boys but have it branded as your own. I know a few people are saying, " Itchy your nuts, youll never beat the big boys at their own game!" But I wont be under sold! Come on over to Itchys Discount Software Program Store! The same thing is done in the real world all the time, why do you think you see the same kind of stores across from each other? Because the TRAFFIC is there! No matter where you go traffic is the king!

Well, back to these eraser/eliminator type programs. Theres this place that develops software programs that are only sold to resellers, and when you buy it they stamp your brand on it. Hell they will even help you to get it set up and then hand you the keys to [Insert the name of your new program here]. And as far as domain names for your product, I did a lot of searching and there are still many good ones available.Right now BookMarc has 2 programs that they sell to webmasters (resellers) only and not to the general public. One is called "Wipe It Off", but thats just what they called it. The real name hasnt been installed on it yet, be cause they dont know what you want to call it yet :o)

The program does everything the other eraser programs do! Clears the history, deletes the cookies, hides the surfers internet tracks, etc... so he doesnt have to worry about anything being found on his computer. I checked it out and it worked great! I didnt find anything wrong with the program and as far as installing it and getting it to run on my computer, it was a piece of cake. Ive had games that were harder to set up! 

After I tried out the program I was talking to another webmaster and she liked the idea so much she bought it right away! Then we discussed some marketing ideas and I helped her search for a good name for her new "Easy Eraser" program. I was there from the beginning of this site till it was up and running. First hand I found out that BookMarc does offer great support be cause I had a lot of questions for him as things were getting set up. Just little things like how do they get the password and how did he make it so that it just couldnt be downloaded by one and then given to his friends to use for free. Easy Eraser is selling the program and the webmasters name is GoodGirl.

Heres another webmaster reselling this product, also happy! Same program the only difference is he called his "Evidence Shredder."

I too have bought the program, but I dont plan on selling it! Im going to give it away for free! But in order for one to get the program for free they will have to be a member of my pay site when it opens. Ill let you know if this trick works on getting people to join, I think it will personally.

Because we all know theres going to be surfers out there or even programmers that just dont want to have anyone looking at their files.

I know that being the boss or the one in control isnt for everyone, all Im saying is that you now have a choice whether to send your traffic to someone else, or yourself. You could sign up for GoodGirls webmaster program and help make her rich too. LOL :)

The net changes lives fast... over night sometimes... are you ready for it?


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