Tips For Building Your First Adult Website

To me, building an adult website is the fun, creative part of being an adult webmaster. It is akin to a writer or painter who starts off with a blank piece of paper or empty canvas, and through the power of their imagination and vision, create a work of art.

What is involved with building an adult website? Before you can build a site, you must first decide what will be the content, theme, or niche of your site. True, you don’t have to be lesbian to create a lesbian website, or in love with BBWs (Big Beautiful Women) to build a site around that niche. However, I believe that it helps if the website that you plan to build is about a theme that you enjoy. That way, your enthusiasm will naturally show, and you will create a better site. People can sense when you’re not serious about something, or not really into it, and it can affect your site, and your sales. So for the first site, concentrate on a subject matter that interests you. It can be hairy women, petite women, bondage and S&M -- it doesn’t really matter. There’s a market for every niche and fetish known to humankind.

I would also recommend that you create a free site first. A free site is just what the name implies: A website that costs nothing to enter and view the pictures, movies, or whatever it is you have to offer. I recommend you start small: just two pages, a warning page, and a content page. Pay sites are usually longer, with much more content than a free site. Where do you get the content that I just mentioned? From your sponsor, that’s who. Many sponsors have free content to entice customers into clicking on that banner or text link that will lead them to the main site where they will hopefully sign up for a membership or buy something. The photos on your content page should entice the viewer enough to make them want more. Later, as you become more skilled, you might want to buy some adult content for your website. Right now, however, let’s keep things simple and easy.

The same holds true for your hosts, the place where you "park" your website. Go for a free host the first time out, if you want. The drawback with free hosts is that most will put their banners or text link advertisements on your website, which could draw people away from your wares and to your host’s. Also free hosts can be slow at times, this may also cause people to leave your site without clicking through your advertisements. As you make some money, you can always pay for your host. And with the myriad of hosts out there soliciting business, you can get one very cheaply, less than five bucks a month in some cases. Shop around though and ask for recommendations from other established webmasters. Theres not much worse in this business other than unreliable hosting.

I should probably mention domains, also. This is the name that identifies a website. For example, "" is the domain name of Microsofts website. Try to chose a domain that has some keywords that describe your web site, like "," or something similar. Domains can be registered for less than ten bucks a year.

Ok, you’ve decided upon a theme or niche for your website. You’ve decided to create a free site filled with your sponsors content, that you got for free. You’ve found a free host, and have acquired a domain name. What now? Unless you’re skilled in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language, the code language for website layouts), you’ll need some WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) software. And even if you are skilled in HTML, software makes things so much easier and faster. HTML editors, like Microsoft’s FrontPage, and Macromedia’s Dreamweaver, have their fans, and critics. One thing is certain: They are both relatively expensive, and you don’t really need them to create a satisfactory web site. Just go to, or type in "free html software" into your favorite search engine, and choose from the many free HTML editors available. Some are trial versions that you can use for only a couple of weeks or a month. Others are truly freeware, which you can keep and use for as long as you like. Personally, I like Ace’s software, both their HTML editors and their FTP software.

What is FTP, you ask? It stands for File Transfer Protocol. It’s the software that you will need to upload your website on the Internet, to your host’s server. And you can get one free also, or in a trial version.

I hope none of this sounds too complicated for the beginning webmaster. Just remember that Rome was not built in a day, and neither will your adult website empire. Just sit back, relax, and learn at your own pace. Once you learn how to do it, you will start churning out website after website, almost with your eyes closed.

Ok, start building your site. Take out a piece of paper and sketch out the website layout. You can use other web sites as a guideline, but don’t copy them. You want to create your own site, with your own unique personality.

Short and sweet is the key. If possible, try to get your entire site laid out so that a surfer will not have to scroll down too far. Use enticing words and language, make your copy sing.

You need to grab the surfers attention and make your sales pitch. Try to steer clear of large images or larger animated gifs. Yes, they may look good, but many people will give up and go to the next site if it takes too long for your site to load. Make your site look good, but use simple graphics and images which everyone, even on a slow outdated computer, can view.

The first page of your website is the warning page. This is the page that carries the warning that this material is meant for those over eighteen years of age, and those not interested in adult content. There should be an "Enter" link on this page that leads to your main page, and an "Exit" link that sends the uninterested viewer elsewhere. You can include an enticing photo or two on this page, but nothing too hardcore. Save that for the inside of your site.

To create your main page full of photos, you will need some image editing software. Adobe Photoshop is the top of the line, if you can afford it, but in the realm of cheap, I like SuperJPG, it’s great and inexpensive. Instructions for using it to optimize images for web pages are included. Also, the instructions for using any of the HTML and FTP software is also included with each. It’s not very hard to learn how to use them. Like everything else (including having good sex), it takes practice. You should include a banner or two, or a text link on this page, with your unique sponsor code embedded so that you will get credit for any sales.

After you’ve built your website and uploaded it to your host’s server, the next step is to test it. Go to it and click on all the pages to see if the links work and the images appear. If there’s something you don’t like, or if it’s not working properly, fine-tune it until it meets your satisfaction. Once everything is to your liking, you can send your baby off into the world to earn its keep. Then build another. And another. Pretty soon, you will be on the road to becoming a successful, and hopefully profitable, webmaster!

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Thought it wloudn't to give it a shot. I was right.
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