Blogging Basics - Starting Your First Porn Blog

Blogging has exploded on the internet. It seems like everyone has a blog these days so it is not a surprise that blogging has quickly moved into the adult world. This article will give you some ideas on getting your first blog up and running and attracting visitors.


There is a lot of blogging software out there. The two most popular are Wordpress ( and Serendipity ( Both are free and have a lot of features. There are other programs out there that you can buy, but for the beginner one of these is probably the best way to go. These programs are easy to install and setup and easy to use. Both of them have some great documentation and they have really good support on their websites. There are a lot of people using these two programs so you can easily find answers to any questions that you have.

Another thing you want to consider is getting your blog its own domain name. You are going to be trying to bran your blogs name and make it something people remember. Try to buy a domain that matches the theme of the blog, is catchy and is easy to remember. It is far easier for a surfer to remember to go to as opposed to or whatever.


The look of the blog is called the “theme”. Blogging software comes with some default themes that you can use. There are also tons of free themes out there that you can use. Most of these themes are easy to install and if you know anything about CSS you can modify them as needed. Most of these themes are general use templates that are meant for everyday use so you may need to modify them so they look right and work well with your adult site. Within the adult industry there are site designers that are now building adult blog themes for a reasonable price. If you don’t have any knowledge of CSS buying a pre-made adult theme may be money well spent.

Your blog’s layout is very important to the success of your blog. The two most important things to keep in mind are to have a theme/layout that matches the style of content you are using on your blog and to have good content in the posts. If you are running a teen blog you don’t want to use a bondage style layout of theme and vice versa a pink and purple theme for a BDSM blog probably won’t impress too many readers. When you add pics or vids in the posts themselves you want to make sure that content is good. If you are running a TGP or a link site you offer the surfer a ton of new stuff every day so if there is some junk in the mix, it’s not a big deal. With a blog you are only putting up a few pictures each day so you need to make sure that they are high quality.


The content in a blog works as both an attractant to the surfer and as food for search engines. Making posts that are keyword rich and on topic can help you get listings for you blog in search engines. With most blogs all of your posts eventually go into an archive so you can put together a pretty nice site with a lot of content on in just by doing small updates on a regular basis.

Surfers will come to your blog for the content and part of that are the posts. Good blogs have quality posts that have a “voice” and some personality. Regardless of the theme of your blog striving to give it a solid, consistent style and voice really can go a log ways towards its success. What sets blogs apart from link lists and TGPs is that they are more personal so you should work to exploit that fact and use the posts as a way to not just sell the content, but to communicate with the surfers.


That is the question. RSS feeds are quickly becoming available from more and more sponsors. These are feeds that you can code right into your blog that will auto-update and constantly add new content to the blog. Some people swear by these and run blogs that are fully automated and only use RSS and other people say they are not good arguing that if your blog looks like every other blog out there with the same feeds and the same content it really isn’t offering anything new or interesting. Both sides are probably correct. RSS feeds are a nice way to update a bunch of blogs at once. If you are planning on running a network of blogs and you mostly wish to trade traffic with other sites RSS may be the way to go. If you want to build up one big blog that has a steady readership and offers a unique voice, you may want to steer clear of it.


Now that you have your blog up and running you can start promoting it. Most blogging software automatically pings search engines to let them know your site is there and also to tell the search engines when you update. You can also trade links with other blogs and get yourself listed in the growing number of blog directories that many site owners are starting. Don’t hesitate to put a recip to your blog on your TGP galleries or on your free sites and AVS sites. Every surfer you get to the blog is another that you get a chance to impress and keep as a regular reader and hopefully buyer of whatever you are selling.


omething that will help your blogging career immensely is to read other blogs. Search the search engines for blogs in the niche you want to work and check them out. See who they link to and how they are done. This can give you ideas on things you may want to try or not try. If you see a site you think sucks, you now know what to steer away from and vice versa. Don’t steal from other blogs by copying their layout or posts or content, but getting some ideas of how they run things is pretty harmless. Contacting the owners of these blogs isn’t a bad idea either. Maybe you can trade links with them when you get yours done.

Hopefully this article has shed some light on ways to get your blog up and running. It may seem like a daunting task, but I would bet if you devoted a few hours to learning how the software works and how everything is done you will find it to ba a pretty fun and easy way to make a really good looking and profitable site.




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