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I have written a handful of articles showing off some ideas on how to SEO sites and about SEO/Google techniques. One of the keys of having a successful SEO campaign is building up good inbound links. You can have a site optimized to perfection, but without good inbound links you won’t be found by the search engines and you won’t rank well. This article is meant to give you some practical ideas on how to build up some good inbound links to your sites which will help you get more traffic and rank higher in search engines.


This is the age old everyday link trade that has been going on with sites since the birth of the internet. You put my link on your site, I put your link on my site. There are many people that say these no longer work for you in search engines rankings. I can say that is not true. I have sites that I have built that are in some lesser competitive keywords and they have only a handful of small link trades as their incoming links and they rank very well (some of them in the top 5 on Google for their keyword). Link trades can work if they are done in moderation and they are done with relevancy. If you have a teen site and trade links with other teen sites, these can help you. If you have a teen site and trade links with gambling sites, fetish sites and other non-related sites, they won’t help much. 

The key to figuring it out is to first learn how competitive the keywords you are working in are. For example the keyword phrase “porn movies” returns almost 18 million results in Google. That is a very competitive keyword while the phrase “small tits” only returns around 3 million pages so it is not nearly as competitive. If you are trying to rank well for “small tits” having a couple dozen link trades should help you whereas if you are trying to rank well for “porn movies” that same couple dozen might help a little bit, but you will need much more than that since it is a very competitive keyword. Like anything with SEO, moderation is the key. Don’t build a site and put up 200 link trades all in one day, it will make your site appear spammy to the SE’s. If you build your site and add 20-25 link trades a week that would be much more natural and will help you out more.


This is the holy grail of links and getting them can be difficult. These are basically non recip links – I link to you, but you don’t link back to me style links. Getting these can be difficult, but they are something that will help you get great rankings. Each one way link to your site is like a “vote” in the search engine’s eyes. Since you aren’t linking back to them, they see it as a site linking to you just because they like you and that goes a long way in helping rank you higher. Here are a couple of ideas on how to get these links.

Build them. If you have a dedicated server you can build up multiple different sites and link between them. For example you build six sites and have five of them all put up links to the sixth site. Now that sixth site has five incoming links. There are tricks to this though. First, if all of these sites are competing in the same keyword and are on the same domain and IP, this may not help you much. You will, at least, want to have each of these sites on a different domain and if possible have them on different IP addresses. This will help to give the illusion that they are independent sites. There are some advanced techniques people use in this including having multiple class C IP’s and having blocks of IP’s that are not in sequential order. How far you need to go with this for it to be effective really is determined by a couple of things including how many sites you plan to build and what keywords you are working in. If you are only going to build a couple dozen sites working in different keywords you should be fine with different IP’s and different domains. If you are planning a network of 100’s of sites you will need a lot of IPs, domains and class C’s. For the purpose of this article we are going to start out small and assume you are only building a handful of sites. The best thing to do is buy a group of domains and then put them each on their own IP. When I add IP’s to my server I ask my host to give me non-sequential IP’s and they have never had trouble doing so. You can use these domains to build up sites and use them to link to other sites. For example you can have 15 sites that all link to each other with one way links using ABC style linking. This means that you have the first group of five linking to the second group of five and the second group of five linking to the third group of five. There are more advanced techniques you can use as you get more sites up, but this is a great place to start.

While you are building things yourself a great idea would be to go to all of your sponsors and see if they offer free domain hosting. Many of them now do, but you can only use it to promote their sites. No problem. Buy domains for them to host and created a couple of cool SEO sites on their server. Promote only their sites, but you can also use these sites to link to and from your other sites. These make great incoming links because they are on a different server and they really give the appearance of being independent incoming links. If you get a couple dozen of these sites up, it can be a great way to get a nice collection of inbound links.

Ask for ABC link trades on the boards. There are a lot of boards that have link trade areas. Ask for other webmasters there to do ABC style link trades with you. These can sometimes be difficult because you need to be willing to keep an eye on them to make sure that they are keeping your links up. I suggest doing a few trades at first and then if they work out increasing them as you get to know and trust this person. The last thing you want is to spend a bunch of time doing a bunch of link trades only to find out they have taken them down after a month.

Buying links. This is a somewhat controversial topic. There have been discussions about Google now discounting or banning sites that buy inbound links. I’m not sure how they would know unless you bought 500 inbound links on very spammy pages that they had previously flagged, but if you buy a few links on prominent sites it probably won’t do any harm.

When you decide to buy links you have to take a couple things into consideration. First is the cost VS benefit of the link. If it is cheap and you expect no traffic and all you are looking for is an inbound link it could be a good deal. If you are buying a link that is expensive it better be on a very prominent, relevant site and maybe even send you some decent traffic. In the end you have to decide for yourself if the benefit you will get from the links you buy outweighs any costs. 

Link dumps and surfer forms. There are some that believe putting your links up on link dumps and surfer forums can help you get inbound links. This might be the case. I have very little experience with link dumps and unless they can send some traffic I wouldn’t bother with them. There are some link dumps out there that can send traffic, but I wouldn’t count on them helping to improve your search engines rankings much. Surfer forums can often send some good traffic and can be a decent source of inbound links to you. All you have to do is register and then post a few pics and put a link up with the correct link anchor text pointing to your site. Just follow the rules of the forums and these can be a good way to get some traffic and inbound links.

Anyone can optimize a page for search engines. The people that really find success with SEO sites and search engine promotion are the people that build good sites, put together a good link building strategy and then stick with it. Building good inbound links to your site isn’t easy, but if you take the time and do it correctly it will pay off big in the long run.


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