Internext 2008 Only Days Away

So its that time of the year again.  The annual migration of adult webmasters to the South Florida area for a weekend of fun in the sun starts this Thursday. Internext Summer 2008 is starting in only a couple days and looks like well all be in for another great convention.  The attendees list shows that there are going to be plenty of familiar faces mixed in with quite a few new comers.  This year well be doing a day by day show coverage including plenty of pics of all the events.  Check WebmasterVault every day for the updates; so for everyone who didnt make the trek you can see everything youre missing and hopefully drag yourself down to this great show next year.

If youre a first timer for this show youre going to want to remember a few things.

Sun Screen - Speaking from many years of experience, there is a lot of outdoors time at this show for most people.  Our pasty computer tanned skin needs all the protection from the tropical rays this time of year.

Drinks - Unless you want to pay 7 bucks a bottle of hotel water, you can swing by the 7-eleven down the street from the hotel and load up on some casses of water to stick in your room.   Same with soda, booze, or any other kind of beverages you want.  While Im not 100% sure of this I heard that drinks by the pool include a tip already; definitely double check this one before stiffing the bar staff and waitresses. If this is true I wish I would have known about it over the past 7 years. ;)

Business Cards &  Promo - Dont forget your business cards, t-shirts, pens, fake rubber boobs, or whatever kind of promo stuff you have made up for your company.  If you dont have any cards you should throw some together, even if youre a beginner, it wouldnt hurt to get some printed up at your local kinkos real quick.  If youre short on time have a company like acidflyers print some up and mail them to the hotel, then you can pick them up in the lobby.

Your Laptop - If you have a laptop you might want to bring it, or make sure someone you know has access to your servers / sites to manage while youre away.  If your server is going to have problems itll most likely happen when youre out of town without access to a PC, its how it always works out.  The hotel has internet access, but be warned with this many webmasters in one location, it can seem like youre surfing on on dialup again.

A Good Attitude - Last get ready to relax, kick back, and meet alot of great people.  Everyones there to have fun and if you make the most of the weekend youll put a face to some ICQ numbers as well as meet some new people to do business with.

Check back tomorrow for a list of all the events, seminars, and parties that there are to attend.  With so many things happening at once it helps to plan out a little bit ahead of time so you dont miss anything important to yourself or your business.

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Fidelia says:
Great artilce but it didn't have everything?I didn't find the kitchen sink!
October 30th, 2011
at 11:30pm EST
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