Internext Survival Guide: Part 1

Whoever says that mixing business with pleasure is a no-no is way off when it comes to this industry. The only way to do face-to-face business in the online porn world is to add some pleasure into the mix. Most of the time, webmasters are forced to mainly conduct business from behind their computers or by phone. However, a couple of times a year, an event comes along that brings Webmasters from all over the world together for three days of networking, partying and getting down to business. This event is the Internext Expo, the worlds largest adult internet/audiotext tradeshow.

Whether your company is sending you on an all expense paid trip to the convention, or you are footing your own bill, you will still want to get the most out of Internext. Thus, I have put together this Internext Survival Guide for those of you who are attending the show for the first time and also for those that may have attended before but were distracted from actually getting down to business. Let’s start by figuring out what you should pack in order to be totally prepared for the three-day event. 

To Pack:

  • Business cards (updated)

  • Laptop

  • Dress clothes and casual clothes

  • Comfortable shoes for the convention floor

  • Tylenol (for hangovers)

  • Pen (have this with you at all times)

  • Camera (trust me)

  • Organizer (to write out when and where parties are and to take notes)

  • Objective sheet that outlines what you hope to accomplish, who you would like to meet, sales quotas if you have a booth, etc.

  • First aid kit (dont ask)

Ensuring that you are completely prepared before this event begins is the first step to having a very successful show. Now, what happens when you get there? Internext really is divided up into two parts: the convention (trade show) part and the parties. Attending both of these parts is absolutely essential for any person heading to Internext for the very first time and definitely does not hurt those that have attended before. However, be warned, it is very easy to burn out fast if you do not find a proper balance between partying and work for the duration of Internext. Party too hard one night and you may not make it to the expo floor the next day, save the all-nighter for the last day of the show.

The convention floor itself is a maze of booths where content providers, sponsor programs, Webmaster resources, hosting companies, and third party billing companies are all looking for your business. Every one of them will be vying for your attention by having hot models on display, playing games, or giving away freebies (my personal fave). In order not to get overwhelmed, it is best to set your objective for you what want to accomplish before hitting the floor. If you are looking for content, then you will want to set out to visit the various content providers to compare prices and quality. If you need a new host, then you will want to check out the various hosting booths. Now remember that just because a company has the best looking booth at Internext does not necessarily mean that their product is superior to the competition. Many first time convention goers get caught in the net of the big booths and miss out on some really great companies that are showcasing their products or services in the smaller, out of the way booths.

It is a good idea to do a complete once over of the entire show as soon as you get there on day one and at the very end of day three. At the beginning of the show, you will want to find out who is exhibiting, what they are offering, and who is there representing the various companies. This is also a good time to pick up the freebies or giveaways before they are all gone. At the end of the show, you will want to do a walk through to see who is having the “last minute” deals. Many exhibitors will be looking to fill their sales quotas, so the end of the show is a good time for webmasters to pick up on big discounts. 

If you are actually one of the exhibitors, then your job could prove to be even more difficult. You must balance working your own booth with networking at the various other booths, parties, etc. When at your own booth, your objective is to get as many people to stop and hear your pitch as possible. The way to not do this is by sitting in a chair staring at everyone that goes by. Sure, hot models, giveaways, and cars can attract visitors, but so can you. You will want to be standing, looking approachable, and approaching as many people that walk by as possible. Act like yourself and be friendly and you will find that this will encourage people to listen to what your company and/or product are all about. 

Aside from the convention floor, Internext also hosts a wide variety of seminars conducted by industry experts. These seminars cover just about every topic imaginable related to the online adult industry and while they are informative, they can also be repetitive or boring if the subject matter does not interest you. At the beginning of the show, look over the list of seminars and choose a couple that could benefit you and your business in some way. Do not spend the whole three days of Internext in the seminar rooms or you will miss out on the valuable networking opportunities happening elsewhere. 

Stay tuned for the second part of this Internext feature, which will be posted next week. Part 2 will give you some insight into what happens at the parties, give tips on proper networking form, and will provide you with advice on the Internext follow-up procedure.


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