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It seems anyone can build a website these days and almost everyone is looking to cash in on the online adult entertainment industry.  A webmaster looking to do more than creating just another mediocre paysite in an already burgeoning market knows the key to success is fine-tuning presentation and content to set one’s site apart from a myriad of peers.  Unfortunately, most small and midsize companies do not have the budgets to hire the support they’d like.  Nevertheless, there is a way any company regardless of size can get an experienced industry consultant to go through its sites to see what is a hit and what is amiss.  Even better, this valuable advice and feedback not costing a single dime can actually generate extra signups for existing sites even before implementing any improvements or changes! 

 Sitting down and having a discussion with a leading review site owner helped me realize that getting a better rating wasnt only about the more joins he would send me,” said Dee, owner of Dee Cash,  “but also the better consumer experience my members would go through, resulting in higher retentions.  Due to our discussion, we now update our members’ area daily by adding one scene in each niche, or nine new scenes a day.

It may sound too good to be true, but adult review sites offer this kind of value added solution.  The best review sites put a great deal of time and energy into providing a quality product for their clientele.  While some sites will review almost any site that is submitted, many are more selective.  Knowing how to work with reviewers will improve your chances of being listed while ensuring the best scores and results for your site. 

Here are some tips that will help to get your site reviewed faster:

  • Make sure you have an affiliate program.  Although not always a requirement, it definitely facilitates and strengthens your relationship with the review site.
  • Reciprocate with a link to the review site that can later be changed for a direct link to your review.  Most review sites are very flexible and appreciative of any type of link you can give them, be it on a warning, links, tour, affiliate or resource page.  You can also create a separate section on your tour devoted to presenting scores and perhaps promotional quotes from reviews.  Posting an objective opinion about your content will further reinforce the benefits of joining your site for your visitors.
  • Provide explanatory information about your site to aid in simplifying the review process.  You can include things like site history, philosophy, content data (models/movies/photos), unique features, etc.  Keep in mind that a good reviewer will verify the accuracy of what your report, nevertheless, they are only human and even the most diligent ones might miss or misunderstand a certain aspect of your product. Providing basic information prevents oversights. 


Here is a link http://www./reviewers.html  to a list of the biggest review sites I’ve compiled.  Your time spent in getting your paysite listed will prove well worth it, once your review is completed and posted, you’ll start almost immediately to enjoy the traffic and awesome conversion ratios review sites deliver.  However wait; there are certain things you can do to capitalize even further on this potential.

With time, your site will grow and improve.  Perhaps you’ve implemented some suggestions made by the review or improved the aspects of your site that scored low.  Maybe your site has undergone major re-design or you’ve added a bunch of new features.  Whatever the case, you should request an update to your review.  For a typical site, this can be done every six to 12 months. 

“Review sites give the surfer a glimpse at what to expect so there are no surprises,” said Brock MacKenzie, Affiliate and Sales Director for SlickCash and Sexpromote.  “This benefits both the program and the surfer.  The conversion from trial to full membership is higher and the retention greater, and the surfer is satisfied because they know what they were getting before hand.  It seems a win-win for all involved.”

Linking to your review will not only help you get listed, but in cases of positive reviews, will also entice your surfers to join.  Nothing works better than an independent, third-party opinion and recommendation in getting your surfer to trust you.  A good review is like an award. Make sure your surfers see it and read it. It will do wonders for your product image, as it helps bridge the trust gap that inevitably exists between surfers and paysites.

Don’t be discouraged if you receive a negative review of your site.  Instead, take the opportunity to ask the reviewers how you can improve your score and use this constructive criticism to become better.  In cases where there’s an obvious mistake, make sure to politely point it out.  Nevertheless, the cliché holds true that even bad publicity sells since even negative reviews get sales.  I’m not sure why but some of the lowest scored reviews on get regular signups.  Perhaps setting realistic consumer expectations for a product insures greater customer satisfaction.  A bad review can still work out in your favor.

“Some of our best ideas for our portfolio come from feedback from review sites,” said Sean, VP Marketing at NS Cash.  ““We evaluate the various responses and make any changes that seem appropriate.”

Following the steps above will ensure your sites have the best chance of landing reviews and improving their overall productivity.  Reviews are another step in increasing your revenue.  They can also provide insight into what the competition is doing and how you stack up against it.  If you’re committed to improving the quality of your product and are looking to expand your adult empire, spend some time putting together a package to send to review sites.  With any luck, they’ll only be too happy to let you know what they think!


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