Does Another Webmaster Have Your Name?

Lately Ive seen a few webmasters sharing/creating/using names of other webmasters that have been around awhile. In the case where it is their actual name, that does make sense, but it can become confusing under other circumstances.

I remember the case of sharkysr, who a lot of folks thought was sharky and he told me this was usually a conversation starter to get past that he wasnt the same sharky who does design work and who hosted the Sharky Live radio show. It prompted sharkysr to ultimately change his nickname to Showman when he started the Chicago webmaster show, which went on to become the AWE (adult webmaster events).

Another example: (and not to pick on this particular person as his real name might be this but) I didnt know there were two "Otto"s in the adult biz. The Otto that I think of is part owner in YNOTmasters.

Ive also seen two different "Gunner"s lately circulating on the boards as well. I had a Gunner as a guest on the Script School radio show from CheapStreams, but there is a newer GUNNER (name I saw was all in caps, btw, Im not yelling, Kind Reader).

So this got me thinking about how many folks strive for a unique nickname when they created their nick, or those who just use(d) their own real name? I was just going to make this a message board thread somewhere, but then thought, you know this is probably going to be long enough to be an article, so here we are.

If you are looking for a good thread, by the way, which questions why folks use different nicknames, then check with Raven at Cozy Campus in this thread "Whats in a name?"

It is worthwhile for newer webmasters to do some research before starting out with a nickname that is already in use and, for lack of a better word, established, or there is bound to be confusion. There might even be some uncomfortable confusion.

Then again, maybe this extra attention grabber is a plan for some, although I am not so cynical to think that everything that people do online comes with some sort of agenda. Especially when folks are new. We are all new at something, and when the territory is foreign it can be easy to step into something without intention.

Ive also noticed using the company name -- or some variation -- one works for in their nick. This is all well and good if that person owns the company, or the nick one uses is for sole marketing for that company. However, if one doesnt fit these two criteria then he/she better pal up with the moderators so if someday there is a job change (and that *never* happens in the adult biz, right?), the webmaster wont have to "start over."

Changing a name isnt the end of the world, but ask Prince how easy it was going around saying: Artist Formerly Known As Prince... of course that might be a bit enigmatic to add AFKA_TDavid should I ever decide to go that route.

There arent so many visible, posting webmasters that creating a unique webmaster name is difficult. In the past Ive suggested some different ways that folks could brand their name when they create it in the related article "Can Your Customers Find You?"

Your name is your identity and getting your identity confused with someone else could be problematic. I know at least I will get confused. Maybe the extra attention is smart. Maybe not.

Your decision.

TDavid is co-owner, programmer and webmaster for several sites devoted to scripting including his own TdScripts. His current projects include a live weekly radio show ScriptSchool. Hes written over 100 articles on web-related business, created and hosted more than 100 live radio broadcasts and completed hundreds of original programming projects for clients spanning the globe.


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