Will AVN Fix The Internext Issues?

Anyone who has attended the Las Vegas Internext Conventions over the past five years has noticed the gradual decline of the shows popularity.  Internext was once a mad house of huge booths, hot girls, tons of people, and massive giveaways.  Now in January of 2006 the show has turned into a wide-open space sparsely populated with people.  I think its safe to say that at many points during the 3 day show the number of people operating booths outnumbered visitors walking the floor.  I felt bad for the exhibitors of the show as many sat alone with glazed looks on their eyes.  Will exhibitors question the importance of assembling a booth again? Will AVN change its ways in the future or will they let Internext wither away?

The timing of this years Internext Expo proved to be a problem.  To have this show at the same time as CES, one of Las Vegass top trade shows is ridiculous.  Not only does this mean that hotel rates skyrocket, but the mass amounts of people will congest everything from dining to transportation (as anyone trying to snag a cab at Venetian can attest).  Besides CES, Internexters’ had to contend with hoards of fans there for the AEE (Adult Internet Expo). This is no big deal, except the round bar in the Venetian that usually was a key meeting point and location of countless business deals was transformed into a mob of unrecognizable faces.

Because of the mess that Internext has become it seems that the smaller shows have become much more favorable in recent years, especially the highly acclaimed Phoenix Forum, sponsored by CCBill.  This show has become the latest and greatest show to come around in the past few years.  I have a hunch that similar smaller shows will be the wave of the future as companies who focus on adult webmasters take the reigns.  If AVN wants to remain a major player in the game of adult Webmaster conventions, they better make some changes and cater to our needs a little bit better. Internext was my first adult tradeshow I ever attended, back in 2000, and I'd love to see it continue on.

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