How to Effectively Work from Home

One of the many great luxuries afforded to adult site owners and webmasters is the ability to work from home. Not having to worry about shaving, clothing oneself, or personal hygiene in general can provide that extra time needed to put your online ventures over the top. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but it’s always nice to know that nobody is watching you “scratch yourself” while perusing this week’s updates.

For many individuals though, working from one’s abode can lead to distraction, inefficiency and a killer work ethic malaise. If they cannot be overcome the indulgences of home can prove decidedly detrimental to one’s living. Here are some suggestions on how to get around letting your home office turn you into a one-update-a-week chump.

Keep a Schedule

Yes, it’s true, now that you work at home you don’t have to be at the office for 8 sharp. But waking up at 2:30 in the afternoon after an all night bender isn’t doing your business any favors either. If you are not a morning person (and goodness knows many of us aren’t) make a deal with yourself that you will be working by 12:30, no later. What you do before that is up to you. Wake up at 7 and go to the gym or roll out of bed at 12:25 and hop right into work. Either is fine so long as you don’t start after your self-imposed deadline.

As important as starting on time is trying to end at a reasonable hour. Webmasters and code monkeys are known for their long, odd hours but the difference between the two is that as the owner of a business you are in charge of more than just any one aspect of your web site. You need to be available to your customers and to others you will be working with. Shockingly enough, there aren’t too many people around to do business with at 3 or 4 in the morning. Try to be done by 9 or 10, and if that means making your start time a little earlier, so be it.

Cut Down on the Entertainment

It’s bad enough that you’re sitting in front of your computer with access to the Internet, the ultimate time waster. The last thing you need is having your television running Sportscenter in the background, because we all know that no matter how many times you saw it this morning, you’re going to turn around again to watch the Plays of the Week. And that dancer your have working the poll in the corner, how do you get any work done at all with that going on?

Put on headphones or your surround sound speakers and pump your MP3 collection. Whatever gets you going, in the same vein as someone doing their workout, the music that gets your blood moving, typing those extra 10 words a minute. Do it loud too, everyone else in your building is at the office. Suckers.

Have a Comfortable Office

A good desk, organized filing system, and above all else, a comfortable chair. The living room couch doesn’t seem as tempting and you won’t hear the sounds of your bed moaning longingly for you if you shell out for a truly comfortable chair to work from. You’ll be amazed at your productivity spike when the most relaxing chair in your entire house is the one in front of your computer.

Another important item to consider is your keyboard. There are many individuals out there that will go buy five or ten of the cheapest keyboard they can find and recycle them until the end of time. Odds are those guys won’t have the wrist muscles left to… well, do anything anymore. Go to your local computer store, test a few out, and see which one is going to let you type comfortably for 8 hours a day.

Eat Properly

If there’s one thing that again, coders and webmasters have in common; it’s not eating properly. This can play to the two extremes, eating way too much or not at all. I’m not a dietitian so I can’t tell you which is technically worse for you, but sufficed to say, neither is leading to a long life span or a particularly productive state-of-mind.

This means several things: 1. Don’t drink 10 Pepsis a day throw in a glass of water now and then 2. The same can be said for chocolate and bags of chips 3. Try and eat at regular intervals around regular meal hours 4. Fast food everyday will kill you faster than smoking four packs a day.

No Porn

Yours, theirs, or anybody’s. At least not more than once. A man’s got needs, you know.

All humor aside, your business is important. It’s your lifeblood and your ticket to not living under a freeway. Many people have the dedication and discipline to never need hard-and-fast rules about schedules and eating. Fact of the matter is though that many of us do not and can let the comforts of home get in the way of producing the income we are capable of. If you are one, set some boundaries and stick to them. If you’re having trouble with that, hire yourself one of these.

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