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I would like to start off this article with a little story from my past. I was drawn into this business when I saw a site that I liked and I saw, based on the page hit counter, that the site was getting around 25,000 visitors a day. Not to shabby. As I started to figure out how they made money I came to realize that they got most of their income from the banners on the site. I clicked the banners, went to the webmaster section of the paysite the banner led to and checked out the affiliate program. This was back in the middle of what I like to call the pay-per-click war in the late 90’s where it seemed like every program was competing to see who could pay the most per click. This particular program paid out 18 cents per click. I thought to myself, “hmm, 25,000 people a day times 18cents per click means that site is making around $4500 a day just off that banner. SWEET!” Of course I was naive and thought every visitor would click the banner. What I soon came to realize as I embarked on my career as an adult webmaster is that very few people actually click on banners. Banners do get clicks, but not nearly the amount of clicks a well written text ad can get.  This article will focus on helping you write some good text ads that will help bring you more clicks to your sponsors which will translate into more money in your pocket.


Movie and music companies do an amazing job at marketing their product to the correct audience. They understand completely who they are going after with any project and they market their product for that person. For example: A romance movie where star-crossed lovers overcome the odds and find a way to stay together is not going to be advertised during Monday Night Football. At the same time you aren’t going to see ads for a horror movie during Oprah. You won’t find ads for the new Bob Dylan record on MTV nor will you find ads for the new Britney Spears record in Guitar Player magazine. These companies have done their homework and they know what their customers are looking for so they know how to advertise to them. 

So how does this translate into website marketing and into ads that draw clicks? Well, it’s very much the same cup of tea. If you build a lesbian free site or TGP gallery then you can assume one thing for sure, the people who come to your site via the link lists or TGPs that have listed your site are interested in lesbian action. Good. Now what will cause them to look at your content then click through to your sponsor? Well, the answer to that is what is called triggers. You know your audience is interested in lesbians so now you just have to find what it is they want to see from you. One really good way to do this is by using a keyword selector tool like this one from the big SEO book (http://tools.seobook.com/general/keyword/) if you go there and type in the word “lesbian” it will tell you the top phrases involving that word that were searched on Google, Yahoo and MSN. I see that the top five searched terms for “lesbian” are: lesbian, lesbian sex, lesbian porn, teen lesbian and lesbian sex video. Combined these 5 search terms were searched over 7.1 million times in the last month. That is a pretty good indicator as to what you audience wants.


Now that you know who your audience is (people wanting lesbian action) and what the most searched for words in that niche are, you have a pretty good idea what type of lesbian action they are looking for and what type of words catch their eyes.  It’s now time to take this knowledge and put it to work. 

Fashioning a good text ad can be a challenging task. I have written ads in the past that I thought were great, but nobody clicked on them. I have also written ads that I thought weren’t so great and they got clicked like crazy. It takes trial and error and patience. First, you have to look at your site like a free food sample at the grocery store. Sometimes when you go to the store they offer you free samples of a product. For example let’s use a new burrito. The sales person gives you a piece of this burrito to taste. That is the free content. If you like it they hand you a coupon that will save you some money and they point you to where you can get them in the freezer. That is the trigger. You walk over to the freezer, grab yourself a package of them and put them in your cart. That is the sale. Everything worked perfectly.  In our case your content is the free sample. It is imperative that you make this the best it can be. They don’t undercook the burrito or soak it in sauce. They want you to taste it at its finest. You need to give them quality samples that are very representative of the paysite’s tour and content. Your ads are the trigger. Here is where you put your keywords to use. Keeping it simple is the key. Surfers are not here to read a book; they are here for lesbian porn. Write ads that contain the keywords your audience searched for. Instead of writing an ad that says, “Click here for more free porn.” Write, “Click here for some lesbian sex videos.” Or “Go here for hot teen lesbians.” Either of those last two options is more desirable than the first generic one.

Spice it up a little now. Everyone likes free stuff so don’t be afraid to use the word free in your ads. Be careful with this though because it could backfire. If the paysite you are sending the visitors to has free sample movies on it there is nothing wrong with writing an ad that says, “Go here for some free lesbian sex videos.” You ratios may drop, but the number of clicks you get will increase and so should your bottom line. Don’t use the word free if the paysite doesn’t offer anything free. Don’t be afraid to use capitol letters and different colors. The human eye is drawn to things that stand out. If you have a site that has a white background and black text then you throw in the word FREE in green and the words FREE LESBIAN SEX VIDEOS in red, the visitor’s eyes will be drawn to them. The use of animated gifs to draw attention to your text can work great. Anything that takes your visitors eyes off the content and onto your text is worth using. 


One thing you need to remember here is that this is a sales business. It may not seem like it, but we are selling a product. That the product is porn doesn’t matter. When anyone is thinking about buying something they need reassurance that it is okay to purchase what they are looking at. Long before I was in this business I had a job in retail home electronics sales. I regularly outsold my co-workers for one simple reason, I reassured the customer than asked for the sale. I made the decisions for them. My co-workers would present the product then let them customer make up their mind and often they would leave. For example my co-worker’s pitched to the customer might look like: “Here is the new TV it’s got a great picture (insert all the features blah blah) it’s on sale for $399.” Then they stand there. Me: “Here is the new TV (insert features blah blah). What type of TV do you have now? Oh, it’s half this big and old? That sucks. What type of stuff do you watch? You like football? Cool. Imagine lounging around on a lazy fall Sunday with this bad boy going. It’ll knock the popcorn out of your lap when a guy makes a hard tackle. And it’s on sale for only $399. What do you say? Is it time to get rid of that old piece of junk and move up, you’re going to love this thing and if you don’t just bring it back and I’ll give you your money back.” As you can see I explained the product, told them how it was a good deal and then assured them they would love it and it was okay to buy it. The same goes with websites. Let the surfer know they are out nothing to check out the paysite you are offering them. Tell them they work hard and deserve a break or that they have earned a little fun. Remind them that there are free samples and they are under no obligation if they click your link. Don’t lie to them, but tell them that if the pass on what you are offering they are missing out on a great experience. Make your entire gallery or site one big sales pitch. If you are doing a gallery you can start off at the top of the gallery with some nice keyword rich descriptiptions of what is on the paysite. Then as you move down the gallery you offer them a chance to click and start reassuring them that it is okay to click your link. You are trying to help them get access to something great. Then at the bottom you ask for the sell. Write a good final text link that allows them to feel both curious and confident about clicking it.

You be the judge. Which is a better ad: boring ad #1:
Click here for more free porn. See the hottest girls on the net getting nasty.


Go here to check out my main site that has free lesbian sex videos on it. You work hard all day and deserve to unwind. Take 2 minutes, watch the videos and let these firecrackers relax you! Dont forget your towel...youll be needing it.

I think it’s pretty easy to see which would catch a person’s eye and draw them to click.

Hopefully this article has helped to shed some light on the topic for you and will help you to get more clicks and more sales. Just remember the simple steps: 1. Know your audience and research their wants. 2. Push their buttons. 3. Reassure them and ask them for the sale (or the click as it may be). With a little patience and experimentation you will discover what works best for you and your sites and you will be on your way to a bigger bottom line.

I would also recommend reading any of Joseph Sugarman’s books on triggers and writing advertisements that sell. You can get them on Amazon or just about any book store and they are goldmine’s of information on human psychology and how it relates to sales.







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