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Anime has always been a viable and profitable niche in the adult market that more people will start exploring as 2257 laws continue to tighten. It is a niche I have made some money in and know a few things about so this article will focus on anime and how to make money from it.


The term “amine” technically means animation. Any cartoon could be considered anime.  In (and with the availability of the internet more globally now) anime has slowly started to become a term more commonly associated with adult cartoons or cartoons with mature themes. Using the term anime is pretty common, just be aware if you are going to focus on getting search engine traffic you will want to check your keywords to make sure you don’t accidentally attract the wrong type of visitors to your sites.

Manga is another term that is commonly associated with anime and anime sites. Magna is, technically, a type of serial print comic in . Some people use the term as a way of referencing a type of story telling where many different things are all going on at the same time. More commonly the term magna has come to stand for Japanese anime. Like the term anime there are a lot of mainstream uses for the word so watch your search engine terms. The rule of thumb with these two is: if it’s a cartoon, you can call it anime. If it is a Japanese cartoon, you can call it manga.

Hentai is a term that refers almost strictly to adult and pornographic cartoons. There is no need to bunch this term with other terms. For example you don’t need to say, “Go here for more hentai anime.” To a person familiar with the niche that is just like saying, “Go here for more adult cartoon cartoons.” It doesn’t make much sense.

This niche is very wide open and has some very loyal fans. They will know the terms and know what they are talking about so you should to. If you spend a little time doing some research to familiarize yourself with the terms and types of anime it will more than payoff in the end.


There are three basic types of anime fans. The first group includes the people that enjoy it as art and appreciate the craft and talent that goes into it. They also tend to like the erotic side of the art. For them it is a celebration of sex and sensuality. The second group is people that are looking for stories that are anime based, fantasy styled and have an adult, hardcore edge to them. The third are people looking for the shock value that some anime has. Anime has a long history of featuring very edgy content including sex with aliens and machines and some very hardcore bondage and submission type of stuff. You could argue that there exists a fourth group of people that are fetishist and turn to anime as source material for inspiration. I tend to think they fit somewhere in the first and third categories, but it’s always good to keep them in mind when designing a site.

Anime fans know what they are looking for and they know what is out there. They will be harder to please than normal porn fans, but will spend the money once they find what they are after.


This is more important in anime than it is in many other niches. If you are working in the teen niche most visitors will come to your site, see a hot naked teen babe and be happy. There will be a few that will see the girl, not like her and leave fast, but for most guys a hot, naked 19 year old babe is enough to keep their attention. With anime many of your visitors will be looking for specific things. They will want a certain type of anime or they are looking for a certain subject matter. If you don’t have it, they will leave immediately.

When you build your site try to lump types of content together. If you are building a group of small free sites then you will want to make one site just bondage and submission type of anime then a second site focused on alien sex and extreme type stuff with a third site that focuses on lesbian schoolgirls and so on. If you spend some time during your research phase surfing some sites out there you will get a feel for the different types of themes you can make for your sites. By keeping each site focused on a certain type of content you can get rid of the uninterested visitors fast and focus your attention on those that are looking for this site’s type of material. Of course you can always put links to your other sites so if an anime visitor finds your site, but isn’t interested in this site’s content you can offer them alternatives and maybe you have what they want.


Content can be hard to find and expensive. You can check out the content providers on this site and ask around on webmaster boards for good places to buy content.

A few things to keep in mind when you are looking at content are:

Make sure it is not over-compressed. Most images on the web have been compressed and there are good ways of going about it, but too much compression will put cause some garble and pixilation on the pictures. That might be acceptable in regular porn. It is not in anime. As I said before many people look at anime like erotic art. You wouldn’t want garble on a painting you were looking at would you? These surfers don’t want it on their anime.

With movie content make sure your clips include some type of adult action. You wouldn’t try to sell a lesbian site with a gallery that featured two fully dressed chicks just sitting and talking would you? The same goes for anime. I have seen a lot of sites and galleries where the webmaster just put of 15 second clips from the movies they had and didn’t care what part of the movies they are from. Just because it is cartoons, doesn’t mean the visitors don’t want to see some sex and nudity.


There are not a lot of anime sponsors out there. Also many sponsor sites out there are not very good. If you are going to use a sponsor that only offers a revshare option I would suggest asking for a temp pass to get inside the site. You don’t want to work hard promoting a site that sucks and won’t retain members.

As I said before getting anime content can be difficult and expensive. Some sponsors will give you free content to use just like they do on other sites. Using this can be a nice added bonus. Not a lot of people promote anime so there will be a good chance that the sponsor’s content won’t be oversaturated.

I like to promote sites that also offer the visitor access to regular porn sites as well. This way people that are curious about anime, but are unsure about joining a site, will be more willing to join since they will get access to regular porn as well – if they don’t like the anime, they will have real girls.

Pick your sponsor tours wisely. If you are building a site that focuses on anime bondage you will want to promote a site that heavily features anime bondage on the tour. If you are building an erotic/art type of site a softer, more artistic tour would probably be better.

If you have a decent amount of content and can’t find a sponsor you like there is nothing wrong with building a nice AVS site and using it as your sponsor site.


Don’t use other company’s characters or likenesses on your sites. You might be tempted to put an x-rated Simpsons picture or some kind of Disney porn on your site or you might write on the site that people can see an X-man getting fucked by The Hulk. You may never get caught, but these things really won’t help you sell more memberships and the last thing you want is a nice big lawsuit from some huge entertainment company. 

Also, as I said before, amine is a niche where there is a lot of mainstream content so be wary of how you do search engine optimization on your sites. Make it clear that you are marketing adult anime.

Running anime sites can be fun and interesting. Like any niche there is a learning curve that goes along with it. With less competition than most niches, if you work hard, learn how to present the content it can be a very profitable experience.


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