Building Free Sites For Link Lists

Free sites are similar to thumbnail galleries only, in my opinion, better. Where a thumbnail gallery is a single page a free sites has several pages to it. The link lists will link to your warning page, not your content galleries, so the surfer has to go through your warning page then a main page before getting to you content pages. This gives you two chances to show them ads for your sponsors before they ever even see your content. This article will cover how to make a good free site and submit it and then some long term strategies to maximize your profit with free sites.

The free site is basically an index.html/warning page, a main page and then some content pages. You warning page should have the adult sites warning on it, an enter link that takes the surfer to the main page and an ad for a sponsor. This page is also where you will put the recips for the link sites you are submitting to. The main page is basically a simple page that has an ad for a sponsor and links to your content pages. I also like to put a link up here that goes to my free sites hub. The content pages are where you have your pics or movies on them and are basically just like a gallery you would build for a TGP. Most free sites have 20-30 pictures on them or 6-8 movie clips.

Like any adult site, design is a big part of the success of the site. If you are going to submit sites to link lists the owners of these sites aren’t going to want to see the same layout every day. So you need to change it up some. I would suggest you build yourself 20-30 templates depending on how often you submit a site. Then you can use a different template each day and the link list owners will only see the same template once a month. The sites should have some personality and cover a specific niche. Don’t put a mix of content on the site. Link lists are categorized so you want to pick a niche and make the whole site about that niche. Don’t be afraid to try different colors and some graphics. Different is good. If your site looks different than the others and stands out you will get better listings and more traffic which means more money.

There are two schools of thought here. Some people suggest you submit to as many link lists as you can find because the traffic is steady and over time every hit counts. This is a pretty decent idea. Others say you only submit to the 6-8 biggest sites and get traffic from them and then optimize your site for search engines and hope to get some good search engine placement as a result of your listing on the link list. This is also a good idea, but I will admit, not one that I know a lot about. So I am going to focus on submitting to a lot of link sites both big and small. You can’t just put 50 recips on your warning page and submit to all the link sites on the net. These sites don’t want their recip buried on a page with 50 others. What I suggest is to put 6-8 recips on a page then duplicate the pages. For example upload a site to then duplicate the page with new recips and give it a new directory then do it again and go with something like that. This allows you to submit to a lot of different link sites and give each site a decent chance at getting some hits through their recips. Also you should optimize your sites for search engines as well as you can. Even some basic optimization can help you get some search engine listings and any extra search engine traffic you can get is always good.

The first thing you need to have with link list submitting is patience. You are not going to blow up your server with the traffic. Your sites will get a lot less traffic than you will get submitting to TGPs, but the traffic is steady and will stick around. What you need to do is submit often and build a lot of sites so you build a network of sites that has steady flow of traffic. The quality of this traffic is often much better than TGP traffic and since you have more pages on the site you get more chances to sell each surfer. Free sites that are submitted to link sites are not for people that are looking for instant gratification, but for those willing to put in the effort will find the rewards well worth it.


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