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A little while back I wrote an article about the basics of setting up and running a blog. Today I want to revisit that topic and give some more detailed information on how to grow your blog once you have it up and running and how to get some nice search engine traffic to your blog. You can check out my other article on adult blogging here. For the purpose of this article I’m going to assume you are using Wordpress. It is what I use and am familiar with. If you are using some other type of blogging software some of what I show you may not work as explained. 

There are two basic theories to adult blogging. One is to run a ton of sites. This can be done fairly easily using some of the auto-blogging software that is out there and using sponsor RSS feeds. The idea behind that is that you have a large network of blogs pulling in traffic. The other idea is to create a few blogs, but make them high quality. This article is going to deal with the later and give you some ideas on making a nice high quality blog.


Once you have Wordpress up and running and you have selected or built a good looking theme it is time to start actually running the blog. Don’t just dive into it and start making random posts. Do your homework first. You need to decide what you want your blog’s niche to be. I would suggest staying away from a catch-all type of site that has a ton of different niches. Instead pick a couple of like niches that might share keywords and do your research. Using a keyword tool you can find the most commonly search for words and phrases for the niches that you want to work in. For example if you are doing a lesbian blog, you might also consider using the keywords bi-curious and amateur. You can then have an amateur lesbian section and a bi-curious first timers section. Take note of your keywords and keep them handy.

Now you have a blog that has a theme and a niche as well as a keyword plan so it’s time to start making posts.


There is nothing wrong with RSS driven blogs. They can be easy to set-up and once you have everything in place they basically run themselves. You can build up traffic and make some pretty good sites, but there can also be some downsides to them. For example, what if the sponsor you are using suddenly decides to discontinue their RSS service? That could leave you scrambling because your blog just became a barren wasteland. The other main risk is that of duplicate content which the search engines don’t like.  Duplicate content can keep your blog out of the top spots in the search engines. If you are using sponsor’s RSS feeds you may be one of potentially hundreds if not thousands of people doing that. This means that there could be a ton of other blogs out there that have the same exact text and pictures as your blog. When the search engines start to index your site they take note of this and there is a good chance they will either ignore you completely or, more realistically, they will rank you so low that it’s not even worth being listed.

I suggest, for the type of blog we are making, that you write your own posts. Take a few pictures and use them the form a story around. Write keyword rich text, but make it something of actual value. You don’t just want to repeat keywords over and over again, but instead write something that makes sense to someone that reads it, but also has nice keywords for the SE’s. For example you don’t want to make a post like this: “Lesbian porn is my favorite because I like lesbian porn and lesbians are hot to look at when they are doing lesbian things.” That is just too many keywords and it doesn’t make much sense. Instead try something like, “I like lesbian porn because there is something very sensual about watching two women having a lesbian encounter. What is hotter than seeing bi-sexual babes kissing?” This example is just easier to read and more smooth. You still have keywords, but you are writing it for someone to actually ready and that is a big key to successful blogging. When someone reads a post you have made it should interest them in the site you are pitching them. It should turn them on and make them want to click. Just getting them to your site isn’t good enough, you now have to do something with them once they are there and quality posts can do that. Also writing your own good posts will show the SE’s that your site has original/exclusive content which will help you with rankings. Be original, be funny give your blog a slant and a voice so that it will make visitors want to return to it. Your posts are your sales pitch, but done well they can inform, humor or turn on your readers.


Here are some simple and quick things you can do to optimize your blogs for SE’s to help you get higher rankings:

First, bold the keywords in your posts. You don’t have do this to every one of them, but you should bold a decent number of them. SE’s often take words that are in bold as important words and will note their relevance. 

Second, use image names and image tags. When you put pictures into your blog name them something that has relevance to your blog and your keywords. For example name a picture “lesbian-kissing.jpg” or something of that sort. Also add ALT text to the image with good keywords. I wrote an article on optimizing images that can check out here (/articles/images_search/) for more ideas on this. 

Third, consider using target=”new” tags in your sponsor links. The reason for this is that many people (myself included) read blogs in RSS reader programs so we only see the feeds. Sometimes when you click a link in a feed it will open up in the RSS reader and it may be hard to see the sponsor site or browse the sponsor site within the reader. Check with your sponsors before you do this because some of them don’t want to be opened in with a target=”new” tag.

Fourth, use the Google sitemap plugin for Wordpress. Do a search for it in Google and you will find it with no problem. This handy little tool makes an XML sitemap of your site then when you update your site it updates the sitemap and pings Google to tell them there is new content on the site. Google monster loves new content.

Fifth, update your site regularly. You don’t have to update it every day. You can if you want and some of the biggest blogs out there update several times a day, but it’s not needed. You do need to update 1-2 times a week in order for the SE’s to continue to see your blog as relevant.

Sixth, have good site architecture. What I mean by that is to have menus and links on your site that lead to your other pages and to you main index page. If someone links to one of your posts and an SE crawls the site through that post you want links to the rest of the site so everything can get indexed. Also if the site is easy to navigate visitors will check the site out more and you will have more opportunities to sell them.

Seventh, put sponsor ads in your posts. This is a mistake I made at first. I had sponsor ads on the blog, but not in the posts. As I said before, many people will read your blog through an RSS reader which will only show your posts so they never see the rest of your site. If you don’t have ads in your posts, they will never see them.

Eighth, promote your feeds. Typically your RSS feeds for your site will be but that may not be exact for every blog. When people use an RSS reader they will put that url into their reader and read the blog from there. Check out your feeds and see how your posts look. Put a link on your site promoting your feeds. People adding your blog to their reader is a good thing.


Having good incoming links is a big key to getting good rankings in the SE’s. It is important that you get good relevant links to your site. If you have 200 link trades on your site and they are all with bad sites that are not relevant to your niche or site then they won’t do you nearly as good as having 15 high quality, relevant link trades. Before you do a link trade or ask to be linked somewhere check out the site. See what kind of keywords they are using on their site and what type of link they will give you. If the site looks like it would be a good match with yours, do the link. If it is a site that is just looking for as many link trades as it can get, you might want to skip it. I have had blogs get top 10 rankings in Google with 8 link trades, but they were very good link trades and I have had blogs never break the top 75 with 50 below average link trades so check sites out before linking to them or getting linked from them.


Blogging isn’t rocket science. It can be a fun and profitable way to promote porn and, for me, it’s a nice change of pace from the daily grind of making and submitting galleries and free sites. If you stick to the basics and write good posts, use relevant keywords and follow some easy to use optimization tricks you will find yourself building a nice, unique, high quality blog that can make you some nice money.










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